Thursday, September 1, 2011

Everyone Loves Olivia

It's Freebie Thursday!
Wait, that has no ring to it does it? 
Whatevs, I know you all love freebies, no matter what day I dish them out for you :)

You all know Olivia right?
(maybe my favorite book in the collection)

My class always went ga-ga outrageous for Olivia.
It just so happened that we were learning about the long O during the week of Olivia in our Basal.
So I had to make a fun game using Miss O.
During our literacy centers, there was always a building words center, focusing on the letter or sound of the week.
The whole letters on index cards gets kind of extremely boring if you ask me.
 Oh, you didn't ask?
Eh..I'm telling you it DOES!

In an effort to jazz things up in the Edwards Education plan, I put those letters on cute little Olivia bodies.
Printed them.
Cut them out.
Laminated them.
Cut them out again.
Put them at the building words center.
And the kiddos went ba-nanas!
No, seriously it was like I had just given them Justin Beiber, in the flesh!
They went that crazy.
Who knew a letter on Olivia's body would do that to them?

I have just made your week of teaching long O with Olivia much more exciting.
You're welcome friends.

And now if you would kindly click over to my new personal blog & share some blog lovin.
Oh and the fact that I have about a million awesome giveaways coming up over there too should really get ya interested!


shellyx6 said...

We *heart* Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!


Lori Faas said...

Olivia is the best! Thanks for the freebie! I am heading to the new blog now!

Jess said...

Thanks this is so cute!

Jennifer said...

So cute! Thank you! To get your documents to link to a picture click on the picture and then click link. (For some reason I have to click it a couple times to make it work.) Then just enter the http:// for your document.

Rowdy in First Grade

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