Monday, March 7, 2011

Love. Love. Love.

It's time for a complete re-cap of the past week!
*brace yourselves-it's long.

  •  I got my computer back!!! My uncle was able to save every single picture & file!! Thank the Lord above...I was really having a break down about losing pictures from the past 4 yrs. *Note to self-USE a removeable hardrive to save important pictures*  (it's definitely not 100% and the hubby and I are already on the hunt for a new one when that giant teeny tiny tax refund comes back, but it will do the trick for awhile)
  • I donated my hair to Locks of Love :) So much joy in doing this. My little sister and I had decided we were going to donate it together...then I got engaged and couldn't cut off my hair so the sissy went ahead and donated over 10 inches and I kept growing. In a moment of weakness the day I returned home from my honeymoon, I chopped it all off without donating it...complete bummer. Since then, I have been growing it. Every time I went to my stylist she refused to cut it. She said I had to be 100% ready before she would go near my hair with scissors. Well the time came and I was so ready for a change...the hair needed to go. I had to look away while she cut (don't worry the sis took pictures so I could look back and enjoy the snip) I donated about 9.5 inches!!!!! I could have given more, but my stylist wanted to leave some length to clean it up nicely.
  •  I came home Friday from a very long day at work and found a fabulous package waiting for me! Thank you so much Miss Elisabeth! I absolutely love everything. I got so many compliments on the jewelry! This swap was so much fun, a fantastic way to make some new friends!! Sorry this is so late (see computer issues above for excuse)

  • We had a crazy Dr. Seuss filled week. In all the excitement, I didn't snap any pictures of final products..pinky promise I'll upload them tomorrow. I'll also share some details on how to do some of the fun things we did, even though Dr. Seuss week is over! Next year is so close so you can save them for then.
  • I created a Buzz Bumble Bee sight word game using the 1st grade Dolche words, however I can't get it to format the right way on my home computer. I'll figure it out and post soon.
  • This week is all about Olivia. Usually I just use index cards for students to manipulate to build words using the sound we are focusing on. I got bored with index cards, so I know my firsties are bored with them. I found this cute image of Olivia and put different letters on them, had them laminated & cut out,  and they were an absolute hit today. The kiddies want me to do this everyweek instead of index cards now. You can download the Olivia long O piggies here.
  • We are learning about the long i sound next week and we are reading The Kite, with Frog & Toad, so I came up with a fun center. I don't have the big kite template but it's pretty easy to make (you could make it out of construction paper) I put an i, y, igh, & ight on 4 different kite's. The students would then sort long i words and put them on the correct kite string.  Because of said format issue...the long i bows for the kite string are on 4 different downloads. Click Here for 1 Click Here for 2 Click Here for 3 Click Here for 4 Again, so sorry this is in 4 different documents. Please forgive.
  •  Funny story-Saturday the hubby & I went to my sister's basketball game. While at the game, my other sister could not stop talking about Sesame Street Live which my family was going to see that afternoon (*my sisters are 10 and 3-Sesame Street is a big deal to the 3 yr old) After some persuasion by the determined 3 yr old, her buddy (my hubby) gave in and said why don't we just go with them? So we went to Buffalo and spent the day with my family. Stopped at Build-A-Bear, saw Elmo & the Grinch, and had fantastic Olive Garden for dinner. Yes, we know how pathetic this may seem since we don't have children yet but went to see Sesame Street anyways. What can we say...when the 3 yr old talks, ya better listen :)

  • Sunday the mister and I went back to Buffalo (we had already planned on going to Buffalo to shop) We were both pretty exhausted from the day before, so there was a lot of window shopping but thanks to a Valentine's Day tradition started by my favorite guy........I did get my new purse!

And that my friends, is a very long recap of all that's happened since I so rudely got disconnected from the blog world by a computer malfunction. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.


Elisabeth said...

Soooo glad you got your items!! I hope you liked everything! I was excited about the sunglasses since that was on your list of things you were needing! :)

Thanks so much for my stuff!!!!!! Thanks for swapping!!


Rachel said...

Just a few things....
First of all - your short hair looks so great! I did Locks of Love last Christmas and I love the short hair, but I miss my ponytail!
Second - How funny that you went to Sesame Street Live. My BF performed with them for 3 years as Rosita (AND she went to school in Buffalo). My Little Man is kind of in love with Elmo. He's a rock star in my house.
Third - Cute accessories!


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