Monday, March 21, 2011

Word Detectives

Another quick post today.
 My husband and I got some "God-timing" (also known as tough-timing for us) news and the night is going to be spent mapping out the next step in our lives. We know God has a plan for us and it's just a matter of trusting in Him to show us the way.
Sorry for sometimes sharing other parts of my life besides just teaching ideas, I should probably just start a personal blog.
I nearly have time to manage 1, not sure if I could handle 2.
So for now I will just use this as my outlet---only for a minute then I'll always get right back to teacher things.

Next week we will continue working on base words and adding the inflectional endings ed & ing. (Is anyone else out there in Unit 5 Week 3 of your Basal? I'd love to chat with you and bounce center ideas around. Sometimes I have a tough time coming up with a center that will truly engage my firsties.)

Here's a center I made using the fabulous Lettering Delights graphics. Love them!
I will copy these sheets back to back & my reading push in teacher will do a quick review w/ the kiddos before letting them try on their own.

(this is the version I will use in my class, but since I can't share any Lettering Delight alphabet letters, I changed the one I loaded in google docs for you) *BIG HINT-head to Lettering Delights to buy some great fonts, alphabets, & graphics for only $1. Yes you read that's dollar days!

Click here to download this activity
(I haven't mastered the whole direct link from the pictures yet)


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