Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Crafts

Apples are a huge hit this time of year. 
Thought I'd scour the little land of pinterest and see what I came up with.

Who doesn't love ripping paper and gluing?!?

How cute is the candy necklace worm??

These are hysterical!  

I love all things paper plate craft related!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Have a taste test of apples!

Hand print crafts make me swoon. How sweet are kiddos little hands!

I love a good wreath! I love apples! So why not put them together!

And who doesn't love cupcakes?!?!

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Amy Rene said...

I loved the ripping paper/gluing craft as a kid! that apple looks super cute :)

Christine said...

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Liz said...

We have an apple week every year and I'm always looking for new activities to include. I really love the paper ripping craft, because the apple is also in the shape of the letter a. How cute and creative!

Nelle Creations said...

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