Sunday, April 10, 2011

Buzzz Sight Words

I know everybody probably has a different lists of sight words that they are required to teach their firsties, but here is a quick game I came up with for the list that we use. It's the Dolche list. I put all of the words in a black paper bag then go around in a circle and each child pulls out a bumble bee. They are only able to keep the bee if they can say their word and use it in a sentence. If they pull out a bee that says BUZZ, they get to run around the room making a bzzzzz sound. Yes, I know how corny that sounds but honestly the kiddos LOVE this. They get so excited when they pull out a BUZZ card! If you are interested in putting your own sight words on the bumble bees, let me know and I can email the word document to you.

I cut these out and laminated them for durability, then just put them in a black paper bag. (I have hopes for a better container, but haven't found one I love yet)

You can download the game here.

Now I'm off to take my "cocktail" (as my husband calls it), put some ice on my knee, and take a Sunday snooze.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend :)


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