Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ok so I just become a member of Teaching Blog Addict and I'm in love with the whole concept. It is a fantastic idea to get all of you amazing teachers together in one place. I'm so amazed that I can be part of this, sharing ideas along side some very talented ladies.

I have a huge favor to huge I mean GIANT!

I am in need of my own blog design! I have searched high and low for free ones that I would fall in love with..and that hasn't happened yet. I have searched awesome sites that create blogs for you, but I'm ashamed to admit that I really can't afford to buy one right now.

Wow this is humbling having to admit this to all my fellow bloggers.

Awhile ago I mentioned that I received some God-timing news. Well my husband and I just made the decision that he is going to give an honest attempt at his golf career, which means that money is beyond tight for us. We will be going from 2 rather nice incomes to 1 (teacher) income. We all know a teacher's pay is nothing to brag about. As a young couple, we really don't have a huge savings and those college loans are still knocking at our door.

I'm aware that this is a huge favor to ask but...if anybody out there would like to use me as a guinea pig to practice their blog design efforts, I would be FOREVER grateful.

I don't know how I would ever show my gratitude. As a member of Teaching Blog Addict, I need a button--no clue how to do that and it seems a bit silly to make a button that goes with my blog design now since it's not one I want to have forever.

I understand what I'm asking and believe me I wish I could open up my wallet and throw out money to each and everyone of you who inspire me to be the best teacher I can be. Maybe someday that will happen, but that day is not now.

Thank you to anyone who offers help or even kind words to this new journey we are on.
We are going to learn just what it's like to live strictly on faith.


S. Parker said...

Google blog wear. You can find some cute designs with easy to follow instructions. I like to change the look of mine. I just updated my blog for under $3! It took some time but I did learn from it!


Mrs. Saoud said...

Shabby Blogs also has really cute designs.

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