Friday, April 15, 2011

Description stickers for new behavior plan

Silly me didn't really think this whole post sequence thing out. I should have waited until I had everything finished and posted it all together. But I didn't. So here is the (hopefully) final piece of the puzzle.

These are the stickers that I will place on the pockets of the shoe organizer. Since I have 19 students and only 24 pockets, some pockets will have to have 2 stickers (which means 2 different color cards). No big deal though.

For some reason, the words all seem to have a gray glow. Google docs is doing something funky with the colors obviously, but I promise when you download the original, you will get the true colors.

I printed these off on Avery White Shipping Labels (48264). The template number is 5164. (If you aren't sure how to set up this label template in Mircrosoft Word, email me & I'll help ya out)


Katie King said...

LOVE the look of your blog... what did you reference when making your button...I am so intimidated!

Mrs. Edwards said...

I used Shabby Blogs tutorioal!

Here is the direct link-

I just used paint to actually make the design and then uploaded it to photobucket.

Hope this helps!

Liz :)

Katie King said...

Thank you! I fumbled around until I figured something out :0 Not nearly as cute as yours, but it works!

Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Mrs. Edwards said...

No! I love your new button--super cute :)

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