Friday, February 11, 2011

And we made 100 boys & girls!

Wheeeew today was 100th day and I'm e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d, to say the very least!

I've been preparing all week it seems! I went to the wonderful world that is Walmart last night and bought myself a black t-shirt with the intent of decorating it. I had some neon fabric markers left over from the stockings I made for my kiddies for Christmas. What I discovered was these neon fabric markers do not work on black cotton t-shirts. SO my great idea to make and wear this cool shirt was a failure. Complete failure. I could have just hopped in my car and trudged back to the store for new supplies, but at 8:30 the night before a very crazy day I only had eyes for my couch and some tv. The shirt didn't happen but 100th day did and it was tons of fun!

Thanks to some great ideas from the fabulous ladies over at What The Teacher Wants I had a very successful day in first grade. I loved, loved, loved some of their activities so of course I added them to our line-up of fun things to accomplish in about an hour and a half of jam packed centers!  There are only 2 first grade classes at my school so we combined our kids into 7 groups and had 7 centers:
1. Listening to One Hundred Hungry Ants and then writing about what they would do with $100.
2. Drawing a picture of what they would look like at 100 years old.
3. Finding 100 nouns, adjectives, and verbs out of magazines.
4. Cutting out 100 heart patterns to form a count-by-fives-caterpillar.
5. Estimation station...students had to estimate then count the actual amount.
6. Dice game-they had to roll the dice until they got to 100 counting by 5's.
7. Using 100 pennies to make any object the group selected.

During math time, we grouped jellybeans, smarties, unifix cubes, and animal counters into 5's and 10's. We also sorted by color. In reading we read 100th Day Worries!

Of course we made some 100 day glasses!

It was actually a pretty mellow day. I had 4 students absent and 1 left early...broke my heart that they missed all of the celebration but boy was it easier to control!

 My firsties attempt at taking a picture of Mrs. Edwards :)
 100 nouns, verbs, & adjectives

 Coffee mug in honor of my daily cup o' joe I have! My firsties know me so well...they got me Tim Horton gift cards for Christmas!
 A money tree? I love it!
 I also love this!
The cane makes the picture!

Hope all your 100 day celebrations were just as fabulous as mine! Now I'm off to put my feet up and catch up on my Tivo.  Happy blogging :)


Mrs D said...

I LOVE your 100th day Ideas. Ours is the day after we get back from Spring break, on the 25th! There are so many good ideas out there it's going to be SO hard to pick the ones my first graders will have the most fun with.

Mrs. D @ Reading with Mrs. D

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