Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally...the week is over!

This week has been long.

I haven't had time to blog stalk or blog at all. Sunday night my hubby's grandma passed away and Monday I came down with the flu-bug (thank you to my love bug firsties who are full of hugs and germy hands).

Tuesday I went to work...I shouldn't have. By the end of the day I was practically a zombie and my kiddos knew it. They were all so good and well-behaved. They even offered to do all of the teaching on their own so that I could rest. It was the sweetest thing. I planned on rushing home after school, but, it was a faculty meeting day. So after a very long day I finally made it to my couch only to discover I had a fever of 102!!


I don't remember much after that. I stayed home Wednesday. And slept. And watched a lot of House Hunters. Thursday was spent at the viewings and Friday was the funeral.

Wheeew and today I'm back to resting. Tyring to knock this cold clear to China. I haven't even looked at my school bag since Tuesday afternoon...gasp. Worst teacher of the week award goes to me! Sorry no new or cute ideas from me this week. Family takes priority.

On a much happier note, my best friend Keri got engaged last night!
This is Keri & me at my wedding! Can't wait to snap a picture at her special day!
 My bestie read a beautiful verse for us on our wedding day!
And this one is basically how we are 99% of the time. Silly.


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