Saturday, February 5, 2011

Contraction Blizzard

Do you ever wonder what to do with left over items from say a kit you bought to decorate your door? Well that's me. I bought a snowflake set for my door and ended up with about 30 extra snowflakes that were already laminated but had no purpose. SO the best thing to do? Make a center of course! We were learning about contractions and my firsties were having a tough time figuring them out. I used permanent marker to write the contraction on one snowflake and the two words that made up the contraction on another snowflake. Then they spread them all out on the floor and slid down the matches to make it look like it was snowing. THEY LOVED IT! After they had all their matches, they had to complete a Contraction Blizzard Worksheet  to show that they could identify contractions as well as use them the correct way in a complete sentence.

Hope you enjoy and that my ideas are helpful!


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