Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Done, what should I do now?

How many times a day do you hear that? For me, it's like background music. I created a "I'm Done What Now?" packet.

I find fun papers to put in there. I change it out every two months. I took an empty paper box and decorated it to hold the packets. Whenever one of my students finishes their work. they are free to pick an activity from the What Now? poster.

Most of them will choose to do 2 pages in their finished work packet. For the months of January & February, I put in snowman math sheets, Valentine's ABC order sheets, comprehension practice, a few fun coloring pages, a snow day writing prompt and Valentine's Day prompt. My kids have really enjoyed having this as independent work. They know that I won't grade anything from their booklet so they have fun with some of the activities. 

Does anybody have any other good ideas for keeping those quick workers thoughtfully occupied? I'd love to hear them!


Renuka said...


Thank you for sharing your ideas!

I also have way too many kids who finish their work before time. Unfortunately, I cant access the "I'm done what now?" packet, if its not too much trouble, do you think you can mail it to me?

renuka.gil at gmail dot com

Thanks so much!

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