Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Totally Tooth-y

In honor of dental health month, we spent some time as tooth detectives and artists. We read the story "Open Wide, Tooth School" and talked about all of the different teeth and things we need to do to keep them healthy. In writers workshop, we used the step-up method to write about how to brush, why it's important to visit the dentist, and what healthy foods we should eat. We read the story "Tooth Trouble", which the kids loved! They had to write a letter to Wilbur the walrus telling him why he needed to go to the dentist. But, the absolute best activity we did were our self-portraits! I can't take full credit for this one. The fabulous teacher I student taught with introduced me to this project. First I took a picture of each of my students holding a magnifying glass in front of their smiles. Then they wrote how many teeth they have lost ---->download here

Next I did a guided drawing. The drawing is made up of connecting different shapes. They had to draw their mouth exactly how they thought theirs looked. It was so fun to see how they thought they looked. We labeled our canines, molars, and incisors. Last we put everything together, graphed it in the hallway, and wrote different tooth facts to display on the graph.

It turned out amazing and the kids had a blast drawing themselves!!

What fun activities do you do for dental health week? 


Mrs. Magee said...

My curriculum doesn't require I do anything with dental health. Weird, huh? However, I'm totally going to pull it in somewhere, somehow! I love the pictures you took with the magnifying glass. How cute!

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