Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fresh Flowers

Nothing too important to post today. 

I convinced my hubby that I needed some bright orange flowers to spruce up my boring table!

He gave in and now I get to look at this pretty thing every morning whhile I'm blog stalking! Ok..I'm not fooling you, I usually end up under my big blankie on the couch with my coffee & Regis & Kelly to keep me company while I blog stalk. But it was a good excuse to use when convincing above mentioned hubby to buy the pretty flowers!

Now if only I could get myself motivated to attack this disaster...
we'd be all good.

(I can not believe I just shared that photo w/ ya'll....eeek guess this means I gotta get busy so I can share the after photo)

Now I can't leave ya with that mess stuck in your head! I want you to think of me and think bright orange flowers! Got it? Good! 

Seriously, if I had a million bucks (ok or like a few hundred just lying around) I'd be getting myself a nice new camera so these pictures are actually fun to look at! Although, my dad just bought a Canon Rebel and you better believe that when they are back from Arizona & done bragging about their amazing trip (ahem...that I couldn't go on), I will be stealing that away to play, play, play away!

OOOO & I have to share my exciting news with you! I had my first Thirty-One party last night & this girl was full of nerves!! But...there certainly wasn't any need to be nervous because I blew it out of the park (or garage)! Nobody even guessed that it was my first party & that I really don't know everything about the company yet!  Who knew that with a little prayer, the Lord would totally validate my decicion to become a consultant!


Busy Bees said...

Oh, I love 31 parties. I have been to 3 this month and I am having one August 1. I love everything that I have ordered!!

Linda Romana said...

I just signed up to. Be a thirty one consultant am I am on the waiting list. Can't wait to do a party! Congrats on yours! Oooh and I love the flowers!

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