Sunday, July 31, 2011


Anybody out there live near Cincinnati, OH?

Particularly the Westchester area?

We have family friends that just moved there and I mentioned to them that hey, maybe M and I would pack up and move there too if I could find a job.

A completely joke type statement. And they said why not?

So now we are browsing in that area. I don't want to say looking because that would make this serious and I don't know if it's at that level yet.

Just something to pray about.

With August starting and still no word on a job anywhere, I can feel the worry forming in my heart. I want to keep relying on the Lord and not let that feeling overtake me.

So anybody out there in Ohio have any helpful information for me?


Mrs. Johnson said...

I live in the Cincinnati area. I live in Maineville, which is basically next door to Kings Island (we see the fireworks every night from our backyard) and about 15 minutes from West Chester! :)

Dana Baker said...

I also live in the Cincinnati area, around 30 minutes from West Chester. I have been searching for a teaching job (PreK-5th), but there really have not been many openings at all this summer. I have heard that there will likely be positions posted in August this year due to all the craziness with the budgets and all though, so who knows? Good luck and feel free to ask anything else about the area!

LongIslandTeacher said...

My boyfriend of 5 years could transfer to that area. His company has an office there and we spent a few days there to check it out. However, we heard the market was worse in Ohio then in NY for teaching jobs. But the cost of living is a lot cheaper. We might consider going next summer if I still do not have a teaching job. It is a beautiful area!!Good luck!

Mrs. Owens said...

I live in Columbus, but the job market throughout the state pretty much stinks. It took me 2 years of subbing to finally get a teaching job. We are saturated with really excellent teacher colleges. Also, we currently have legislation (that will hopefully be repealed in November!) that is not very teacher-friendly. If I were going to move-it would definitely not be anywhere in Ohio!

Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

Kim said...

I wish I knew of some jobs to tell you about, but unfortunately I don't. I live in Northeast Ohio, do you live near there now?

Liz said...

Thanks ladies for the helpful info. I don't live in Ohio and I'm not sure if a move is even in the immediate picture for us right now. My husband might be starting a new job this week, praise the Lord, and that would keep us here unless I got a teaching job somewhere else!

Justin said...

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