Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick change of space

See that mess there? That's what my entryway looks like. And see that white rolling cart? Well that is actually clean compared to what it was last week when I was busy making cards and throwing stuff on there!

I was having serious anxiety about this space because it was cluttered and basically becoming a junk collector. Case in point-my husbands weights that he huuughm never uses. I mean he uses them every day!

It was time to get organized. I had this white bookshelf from my classroom & since I don't have a classroom this fall to house it I thought I could make use of it in this tiny space.

Ahh much better! I even had room to make the top shelf my Thirty-One paperwork place. Since before all of that stuff was lining the wall in my dining room. Ok don't go judging me with these two confessions I just gave you. I tend to have grand plans of keeping things clean & organized and then life and the hubby happen and things end up just piling up in places they don't belong. I certainly won't put all of the blame on the mr. Well actually he doesn't read this blog so yea it's all his fault :) Yea I can do that.

I had some baskets left over from my classroom too that I used to corral all of my odds and ends. I love that the white cart fits perfectly next to it so that I don't have to find a place for it and I can still use it as a mobile craft unit!

And now 1 more time for effect!



Yes I'm aware I'm a master horrible decent designer! No need to shower me with approval....ok actually if you want to you can. I love me some comments!

P.S. That chevron art piece will be having it's own blog post soon!


Tracy said...

Love the hubby sounds just like your!!! And cuz I "don't work" in the summer I am the one who re-organizes like u!

Jill said...

The white bookshelf looks super cute! Good job organizing! And I did notice that chevron monogram - super cute!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Tonya said...

I cant wait for the Chevron art piece blog! It is adorable and I would love to know how to make one for our home too!!

Christine said...

love it!!!

❀ Christine
{heart} to Reed

Abby said...

Great job! I have to say that I'm a bit envious. My house is under renovations right now, and I can't be in there for 3 days (air quality hazard, etc...). I wish I could be organizing like you are!

I like the way the colourful bins stand out agains the white of the bookshelf. It looks fresh and fun, in addition to being tidy.

Mrs. Edwards said...

Thanks ladies! I love hearing words of encouragement :)

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