Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4th Craft & Rugrat Wrap-Up!

Remember how I posted a picture of some supplies the other day?

Well we finished our project and I gotta say---too much work entailed for a 7 yr old! Although my little sis who is almost 11 loved it. (As did my husband? Weird)

I got the idea from the amazing Tatortots & Jello!
(Seriously the craftiest lady)

Here is her finished project:
red hot and blue wreath fourth of july wreath
First let me share some photos of the wreath making in progress...

Notice how I'm not in any of those pictures, doing any work??? That's because as soon as my hubby heard the word craft, he took over! He is a perfectionist through and through, which makes him doubt my crafting ability since I tend to get frustrated pretty easily and want to rush to finish things! I gotta love him though..he did a great job (dare I say a better job than I would have done?!!)

SO without further adu...
 here is my ( hubby's) finished project:

Here is Lexi's wreath! I am pretty darn proud of how well she did! (We won't share N's cuz well let's just say, he wasn't very interested in gluing red hots---he wanted to eat them!) 

Besides working on this wreath we've been busy just having kid fun!

And can't forget to share this video of them in action!

Now we are off to go for a bike ride around a 3 mile trail! (This will be the first big physical thing I've tried since my surgery! I hope I can make the whole trail, otherwise I might get teased (in a loving way, of course) by the mr. and sibling..who always seem to be in cohorts against me!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Today is the LAST day!! I'll be picking 2 winners tomorrow!!!


Kenlie @ All The Weigh said...

I adore Jen, and your wreath (okay, hubs' too) looks amazing too! =) I hope your bike ride went well AND was pain free too!

craftymamablog said...

Awww, how sweet of your hubby to help you out! (I followed you over from Tatertots and Jellos's facebook page!)

Justin said...

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