Sunday, July 24, 2011

A whole lotta random & a math freebie

My week of food kind of flopped after well, Tuesday? I'd love to say life just got busy. But that would be lying and I'm not a liar. That's pretty much what happens every week. I plan out our meals and by Wednesday I don't feel like cooking and just wing it. Which usually consists of my husband twisting my arm to order out. (doesn't take much twisting...see said I can't lie)

So two meals that were meant for last week are now planned for Monday & Tuesday of this week. Seeing as how my track record goes, I figured I could get them accomplished on the 2 days I actually feel like cooking.

Next topic. It's HOT here!!! I have no air conditioner and my house is old. Very old. So if it's 90 degrees outside, it's about 125 degrees inside. I'm not joking. I'm not lying either, remember I don't lie!) Thankfully M convinced his parents to loan us their unopened, unused ac unit for a bit. Yes you read that right. It's over 100 degrees and they have an ac just hanging out in their house, still in the box. I can't even find a floor display fan to purchase at Walmart! It's like the fanageddon!! No fans anywhere! The hubby slept in the basement because it's no joke 30-40 degrees cooler down there. I decided to fight the heat and stay in my comfy decent bed with 2 fans on full blast rather than sleep in the spider filled basement. Sorry honey, no convincing me otherwise on that one!!

I have some fun little crafts that I've been working on that I'm excited to share with you!

I've also been considering changing the name of my blog. Since I don't teach 1st grade, well any grade right now, I want to change it up. As of right now I won't be teaching in the fall so I'll probably be posting about topics that don't always focus on strictly teaching. Wait who am I kididng, I already do that! Sorry followers that I'm not faithful to just school things! When I started this blog I thought it would only be about school. Well now that I love it and am constantly finding inspiration, it seems I am venturing out and bloggin about other fun things too. Hope you don't mind!

Now I need your advice! What do you think I should rename my blog?? I want to keep it relatively school themed since I'm praying the Lord will provide a job but I don't want to be grade specific. Silly me for doing that in the first place! So here's how you can earn a math freebie! Since I know you are all like WHAT is this lady rambling on about?!!?

Thanks to those who are even still reading this! You're the best!

This is a sheet that I do throughout the school year. I just keep stapling the sheets together so that I can whip this out to show parents or special ed. teachers. It really helps my kiddos learn their basic addition facts and is a great motivator! They alllll want to get a higher score each time they do it. Sometimes I time them and other times I let them work until they are done.

If you would like this math mania activity, leave me a comment with a new blog name idea and your email address. Then I will send it out within 24 hours of your commenting! Seriously hold me to that! I won't hate ya for emailing me since perhaps, I've heard, that maybe I am one to easily lose track of time and don't send things out as soon as I say I will. No lying here remember!!

I love comments. I get giddy when it pops up on my iphone! Like gotta stop what I'm doing and check those bad boys out! Then I smile all big and make the hubby aware that people actually read my stuff! He rolls his eyes and ignores me. Then I repeat the process the next time a comment comes in! Yea, I'm weird. It's ok..I'm aware of it.

 What a long post about a whole lot of nothing! Can't wait to hear what ya'll think I should rename this blog! No recommendation will be left out of consideration! Or if you just want to say hey, I'll probably send you the math mania sheet just for saying hey. I like comments that much. You don't even have to follow the rules and I'll give ya the freebie. But that doesn't mean you should break the rules!!!

Ok enough. I'll put a sock in it now!

I promise I'm not as crazy as this monster!


Christine said...

hmmm these may be stupid ideas but here's all I can come up with (just got home from Vegas an hour ago)

Teaching where the heart is
In the Know ... (inside a teacher's mind)
A teachers thoughts
The heART of teaching

anyways that's all I got after a long weekend :) - I WOULD love your math pages. I also have a teaching blog- I did teach 1st but this year am moving up to 2nd....come over and vist.

❀ Christine
{heart} to Reed

Kinderpond said...

I vote Random Frenzy. It keeps the frenzy part that you have already. :)


Jill said...

Blog names are sooo hard to come up with! Maybe something that goes with your last name? Mrs. Edwards'..... something. Wow, I am a big help!! I will keep thinking and get back to you. :) In the meantime if you want to send me your SUPER cute math sheets, I'd be down with that!

jill dot draffkorn at gmail dot com

Marvelous Multiagers!

sydney said...

Hey keep that chin up. We're down t the last week of summer here and I haven't heard anything yet either. I think the name should definitely still have the word frenzy in it - kind of the state of life these days and some continuity.
Lessons Learned

Tonya said...

I agree with keeping frenzy with the blog name. It is very hard to stick to blogging about school stuff only. I often find myself looking at so many blogs that I forget to blog on my own page. Skipped about two months because I was stuck to looking at everyone's blogs. So, yes the name...sorry, easily distracted, if it is going to be more than teaching and about your family too what about Family Frenzy. Just a thought, you don't have to like it but I thought I would give it a try. Btw, those math sheets are fantastic. Great idea!

Abby said...

I don't yet have an idea for a blog name, but I just wanted to encourage you to keep trusting God. Near the end of my first year of teaching, I was told that my position was going to be eliminated. By the time I found out, many places had already begun hiring for the following year and I was in a bit of a panic. But God came through for me a big way. The principal of a school where I had done one of my teaching practicums called me to tell me that there was a job for me and not to take anything else until I had spoken to him! God's timing was and is perfect. Hang in there! He will provide in His time!

Gladys said...

First of all, let me tell you...I really enjoy reading your have a great voice...thanks for taking the time to do far as renaming your about "Inspired to Teach"? Simple, but cute! :)


Brittney said...

Hey there! Im new to both blogging and teaching. An idea for your blog could be "Teacher at heart". Hope your able to find a position soon and thats God's will is done in your life. :)
I would love your math sheets Thanks!

vorozco85 said...
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vorozco85 said...

I also think you should keep the "frenzy" in your new blog name. Here is a list of a few blog names I thought of...

-Sweet Frenzy Teacher
-The Frenziness of Teaching
-Frenzy to Teach

thepolkadotowl said...

I love your blog, first and foremost. On to the name...I love The Frenziness of Teaching..or maybe just Teaching Frenzy? I love the Frenzy word in the blog title! Coming up with a name is really hard!! :)

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

Do what I did, if you can't tell who I am a big fan of...I then took his songs and made it my Blog names...So think about you...what makes you happy :) Then go from there...if it can tie into teaching even better....

Mrs. Daniels First Grade said...

Mrs. Edwards' Frenzy would be nice.
Tammy Daniels

Shelia said...

I think it is fine just the way it is! Why change a good thing! I am a follower of your blog, and then I would have to look for you all over again! I would love to have your math sheets. Thanks!

Mrs. Edwards said...

WOW! Thanks ladies!! Keep them coming, I love hearing your ideas!

And Abby comment #6...I need your email! I can't click on your profile to find it!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to come up with a title. I like frenzy in the title also. Maybe.... Living in a Frenzy World....Teaching in a Frenzy World.....

Tracy said...

1. What about doing something with your last name, education....ED-wards ED-venture???
2. Good luck on the job front
3. I don't blame u for NOT sleeping in the basement!!! I have done the same thing.
4. My email is

getoffyourhighhorse said...

I agree with the other comments that keeping "frenzy" is a good idea. How about something like "Friendly Frenzy" or "Friends Frenzy" ...just some thoughts. Good luck.

Abby said...

I forgot to include my email. It's
Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have your math mania because I teach first grade. I have been thinking of how I teach the basic facts to the students. This would be great.

Thanks so much!!

Mrs. Polston said...

I think Teaching Frenzy or Frenzied Teacher would be a great blog name. It seems we are always in a frenzy so it describes teachers perfectly. Thanks for the math pages.

Mrs. Polston's Kindergarten

Justin said...

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