Sunday, July 17, 2011

Homemade Oreo Cookies

Get ready for a week of food!
I have grand plans to attempt some fancy meals I've been finding on pinterest and one of my favorite foodie blogs. I even went so far as to actually buy all of the ingredients! Now that's planning! I just recently switched over to grocery shopping every week in an effort to eat healthier and fresher. This new goal is very difficult, oddly enough, to keep under our budget. (use to be $100 for every 2 weeks, now it's $50 for every week) Don't know why it's harder to hit that goal now that I go every week, maybe I just need to rethink my planning and get used to only getting what I need for 1 week instead of 2.

I digress...back to the topic here. I know I have you all waiting to see just how awesome decent these homemade oreo's are. Now in most cases, people would show you the insperation picture first. Well....I'm not that gal today. I can't have you all thinking what a complete failure mine are compared to the awesomness known as Mrs. Carroll over at that favorite foodie blog of mine.

Ok there is the amazing blog that I love. But seriously do not click over there until the end of this post so you don't go comparing me to her. Cuz I just won't make the cut!

This is the final product. Serious...YUM! Perhaps...not the most appealing to look at!

This is my batter after oh about 10 minutes of mixing. Yes you read that correctly. 10 MINUTES PEOPLE! This is some crazy thick batter because you do not put any water in it. Therefore you should plan on skipping the gym this day and just get all your arm excercises in while mixing this batter!

Make sure to stop every few minutes and fold the batter over with a spatula so you don't miss any of the mix! Can't have dry mix pieces in our ooooey--goooey cookies!

Plan on doing this step a lot. Holy moly does this make a lot of cookies. I rotated 2 cookie sheets and I think I did a total of 6 or 7 times in the oven.

The filling is delish!!! However, here is where I went oh so wrong. As you will see from the amazing Mrs. Carroll's picture, her filling and my filling look absolutely NOTHING alike! What did I do wrong? Not sure...I used some tub butter instead of a stick, since I didn't have a stick. Maybe that was my downfall. Either way hers look like whipped actual Orea yummy filling. Mine looks like the thicker, knockoff version of melted butter. Hmmm, Mrs. Carroll..if you're reading this, tell me what's a girl gotta do to get mine looking as yumtastic as yours?

And here they are next to my pretty orange flowers. I have an entire plate more of these. Remember, I said it makes a whole lot of cookies!! I'm taking these to my in-laws for a cookout today (if my hubby doesn't finish them all first) Hopefully they are not a complete flop!

Now are you ready to be much more awed and amazed?

Here are the pictures from when my favorite foodie blog made hers...

Yea, let's not make any funny comments, ok? My new little, domestic heart can't take it :)

All joking not make these if you plan on dieting. I told ya I wanted to eat healthier & fresher, then I go and make these!! See what pinterest does to me?!


Busy Bees said...

These look great. I am adding you to our blog roll so that I can keep checking back!! YUM!!

Anonymous said...

Those look oh, so good... I know of a great oreoesk filling - it's actually the first part of a very old cookie press recipe.... take 1 cup shortening (I get the stick shortening, but measuring 1 cup out of the jug works too) add 3/4 cup sugar. Mix until creamed. I use my trusty Kitchen-Aid (actually my hubby's- but that's ok) but growing up I used my big girl arm muscles! Hope this helps!!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Thanks BusyBees, I hope I provide something good when ya check back :)

Debbie-that sounds simple & amazing! I'll have to try it out!

Melissa C. said...

It all looks delicious and just a tad fattening!

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