Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crafting, Playing, & New Adventures!

Too cute, right?

I've been spending my days with these two rugrats! N is my nephew and L is my little sister. (and by little I mean, almost, maybe an inch away from being taller than me)

We have been busy playing lots of Super Mario Bros., playing some hot box with my hubby and father in law, going for bike rides, taking walks, sandal shopping, and crafting!

The finished products aren't finished yet so I'll leave you with this picture to make you wonder! 

I have also made a very bold & exciting decision!

I am now an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One!
I have been debating this for a few months and really felt the Lord calling me to do this. Then the big bad devil jumped in and put a whole lot of doubt in my heart. I finally just said this is what I need to do. It is a job that the Lord has provided for me and I'm going to take it!
So if you are interested in purchasing some pretty amazing goodies, visit my website!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


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