Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ask me how much...

I paid for this...

Provo Craft® Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter

Go ahead ask me! Do it, I know you want to!

Ok give up?


It's ok, go back up and read that again,
I said fifteen smack-a-roos!!

Joann Fabrics is having their Founder's Sale and the Cricut is on sale for $59.99!

Add to that the 15% off coupon for being a teacher.

And the $40 I had leftover from a graduation gift from my mama.
(and yes I did graduate college 2 yrs ago, but I was told to pick out a jewelry armoire and it took me until this last Christmas to decide. So the leftover money went in a purse pocket in my purse closet! Crap..I just told you all where I hide my money. That's ok there are about 50 purses you would have to go through so by that time I'd figure out what you were doing. I'm rambling..back to the topic)

I have been eyeing this bad boy for months. And the Sillhouette too but we all know I don't have enough cash in my secret purse storage for that. So I was excited to see the Cricut go on such a huge sale!! M was really hesitant about it but when I showed him the receipt he smiled and said good work. Ahhh the approval of the hubby!

Now I can't wait to get it out and start playing around. I already have plans to use if for Lexi's birthday present and my mama and I have planned a scrapbook day so she can get all caught up!

I honestly couldn't believe it when the cashier told me how much I owed. Love getting steals!


Teacher Tam said...

$15? That's amazing!

Mrs. Reimann said...

OMG! I so want one. :)


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Awesome Deal!

First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. Owens said...

Great deal! The only thing that has prevented me from getting the Cricut are the cartridges. Are they pretty expensive, or does it come with some cartridges?

Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

Mrs. Edwards said...

It comes with 1 basic cartridge! The cartridges right now are $29.99 marked down from $89.99. So yes they are VERY expensive, but I have a friend who owns a Cricut so I imagine I will be borrowing her cartridges a lot. Also I was thinking that since my mama plans on using it a lot we can always split the cost. I know they are on sale a lot and I have hunted discount websites and found that there are used ones that aren't too pricey! You should all run out and get one! Even at $55 it's a steal!

Jill said...

Good buy!!! I'm jealous. :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

sydney said...

I just got one last weekend too at Joann's. I payed more than $15 though! but its just sitting on my floor. I'm too scared to use it.

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