Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birth-Day 4!

Already day 4--whewww this week is flying by!

No complaints here (Just in case you were unaware, my birthday is Saturday!!)

My 4 yr. old sister spilled the beans tonight and told me she got me a jacket! And I absolutely, 100% didn't push or prod her to spill those beans or anything. I swear!

Where was I? Ready for some more fabulous birthday ideas?

Birthday Mobile
Take a coathanger and decorate with the birthday kiddo's name and picture. Write along the bottom "For your birthday, I would like to give you ____." Then have each student draw a picture of what they would like to give the birthday boy/gal. (Of course they draw on paper in the shape of a cake!) To keep the birthday kiddo occupied have them decorate candles to represent how old they are. Connect everything with some string & voila you have a very keep-sake"y" type gift! I don't remember where I heard this idea so if it's yours-please claim it :)


This party idea is A-Mazing! Night Owl pajama party!! I can't wait to have a little girl so she can be 7 or 8 and have one of these. So cute!

No picture needed for this site. Seriously A-Mazing things on this blog. This girl is on her game. Just for birthday ideas along it took me forever to browse through all of the things she linked too. And when I say forever, I really mean the most amazing time of my day!

Check out what Rachelle & Natalie do to celebrate birthdays throughout the year and over the summer!! I'm definitely borrowing this pixie balloon idea!

These ladies sure know how to take something average, like a napkin, and turn it into something rather A-Mazing!

Yes, I am aware that I used the term A-Mazing lots of times in this post! Must be the closer I get to my birthday, the more excited I get!!

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 I know you have them--you are full of inspiration!

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