Sunday, June 26, 2011

Career Week

We spent 2 fun-filled weeks learning all about careers! 

We had lots of guest speakers:
Fitness Instructor (who ironically is the same instructor that was teaching the class that I tore my meniscus in, but I didn't tell her that! Thought it might embarass her!)
Cheese Buyer (We have a huge cheese company called Cuba Cheese in our area and she brought in samples...LOVE)
Special Ed Life Services Programmer

During the 2 weeks, we interviewed one adult about their career and then spent time turning the interview into a research paper. I was very proud of how nice the papers turned out!

We made flip books about different supplies needed to be a fireman, police officer, teacher, doctor, and dentist.
We used great Lettering Delights Grown Up Boys & Girls clip art to pick different careers and write about them.
We watched a lot of Annie & Moby (We love BrainPop, Jr.)
We played the career/transportation game from Miss Kindergarten.
Did some task rotations about a town with no community helpers and different ways to either do our part or recruit helpers.
Had a class vote on who would be best at different jobs.

And our final, BIG, fun project was to make life size models of what we want to be when we grow up. We traced our bodies & then decorated them in our appropriate uniform.

I'll let some pictures do the talking!
An Artist

A Wrestler

A Teacher

I'm bummed I didn't get more pictures, but I kept forgetting my camera and when I finally remembered it they were already off the walls!
This was a really exciting project, but really difficult since I had just had my knee surgery. It's not so fun bending down tracing students when I can't exactly bend! But I'm so glad I stuck it out and didn't give up on it because they turned out so amazing and the kids worked so hard!

And don't forget tomorrow is the start of my giveaway!!!!


Jan Brady said...

The life size drawings are just too precious! I can only imagine how much fun they had making them!
- Jan

Hadar said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to use my game! :)

Miss Kindergarten

Bose said...

Wonderful and wobbly!@bose
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Justin said...

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