Saturday, June 18, 2011

Head Hung Low..

I type before you now with my head hung low. In the blogger's "walk of shame."

I got so insanely busy yesterday and today that I didn't post any birthday ideas!! I know..tear!

Last night we had our Relay for Life in honor of my grandpa. Our team name is Haskell Rascals since my grandparents house is on Haskell Road. I lived with my grandparents for the first 10 years of my life so naturally I was very close with them. When my grampy passed last year, it was devastating. I knew it was coming but nothing can prepare you for losing someone who essentially rased you.
The Relay was a success though!

Then today was *cough* MY BIRTHDAY *cough*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hubby and I drove to Buffalo to shop til we dropped and boy did we!

My Mr. surprised me with new sneakers yesterday! Since my knee surgery, I have been living in sneakers and mine were starting to show their age and weren't exactly the most comfortable things I own. So it was definitely time for new ones.

We got home around 7 pm and then I remembered it's grocery week and since tomorrow is Father's Day, I knew it needed to be done tonight. Boooo! I really just wanted the couch, some pizza, a Diet Coke, and some TV. But I dragged the hubs with me, I mean it is my birthday so I get the final say :)

When we got home I finished up my Step-dad's Father's Day Card! I did most of it last week at our Ladies Night Out event at church. I had to print off the inside saying and glue everything down!
Front (This is dad and his 3 girls)

Inside (I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate this!! In my pictures folder it's in the right direction, but when I put it on here it flips?)

Let me know what ya think?

Now onto the Birthday Week and giveaway news.

I will extend birthday week until Monday and post different ideas tomorrow night to make up for Friday and today.

As for the giveaway, I know I promised info on that yesterday but like I said life happened and I couldn't exactly hook my laptop up at an outdoor track!! I will post giveaway info tomorrow too. You should all be ok until then since there are a whole bunch of other much more fabulous giveaways happening around blog land!!!

I'm off to the couch now with my big, tall Diet Coke!!

Happy Father's Day to any fathers that visit this blog! Or to any single moms out there that have to be fathers too!


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