Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrating Father's..A Little Late

Better late than never, right?

For Mother's Day we did a lot of gifts and even though Father's Day came right around the end of the school year and we were already super busy, I thought it would be best if we tried to do a lot of gifts for dad's too!

First students made toolboxes.
They took brown construction paper and folded it in half. Then traced the toolbox outline and cut it out. I staple up the sides.

They colored some tools, cut them out, glued to construction paper for durability, stapled some coupons to them and stuck them in the toolbox.
We made some recliner analogy pictures.
When you open the "footstool" it says things like My dad is as nice as..., My dad is as funny as....; My dad is as strong as...

And finally we made them shirt cards! They cut out the ties and we glued them to their paper shirts (that they traced from an outline). Underneath the tie, they wrote a special message for dad. In the pocket they put some tissue paper and some even put another coupon inside the pocket. (I love that this kiddo wanted her dad to have pink buttons on his shirt!)

I got the coupons and tie printables from Lettering Delights.

Hopefully there is an idea you can bookmark for next year!


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