Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birth-Day 2!

Welcome back for another day of birthday ideas!


How sweet is this homemade butterfly/flower garland? Now, I'm not sure I would ever have the time to pull this out everytime we celebrate a birthday but how cute would it be to use at home?


Carisa (who has a fabulous homeschool blog & curriculum) has these great birthday printables. These are mainly geared towards pre-school age.

How about some homemade playdough for your kiddos? I love this idea! Playdough is so simple to make and I know my sisters wouldn't mind helping me make a batch every month! For boys, you could find a more "boyish" cookie cutter and wrap it in blue ribbon!

Hope you're enjoying these birthday ideas! Don't forget to link up & share how you celebrate birthdays, either in your classoom or at home!


Jill said...

Homemade playdough is cute! I like that idea!

Magnificent Multiagers!

Kate Boyer said...

I love reading all of these birthday ideas! I am new to blogging, and I'm not real sure what linking up means? Any help would be great :-) Thanks!


Mrs. Edwards said...

Kate-Welcome to the blog world where everyone is so kind and willing to share! You'll love it :)

Linking up means that if you have a blog post that relates to whatever the link topic is, you can add it to the list so that other bloggers can easily find it. So for example-if you do a blog post on birthday's this week, you would then click on add link under my blog post and then enter the direct link to your blog post! I promise it's easier than I just made it sound!

Let me know if this helps or if you still have questions!

P.S. I love your blog! So cute :)

Melissa C. said...

Hey! I am your 100th follower!!! Come follow me- I am just getting started (I don't even have a cute design yet)
Life's a Teach!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Oh my goodness Melissa! I feel so special now with 100 followers :)

Check out Dotty Dot Dot Blot Backgrounds for some cute designs!

Kate Boyer said...

Thanks!! That definitely helps :-)

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