Friday, August 19, 2011

The Fair

How many of you have a county fair?

I love love love the fair.

We have one in the town next to mine.
We have one in our main county town.
And finally we have one giant one for the county next to us.

This year the hubs & I hitched a ride with my 'rents to attend the big giant one in the county next to us.

And when I say giant...I truly mean giant.

We left at 8:30 am and rolled into the driveway at 12:45 am that night.
Yea talk about a long day.
My knee was a tad bit swollen, but it was so worth it.

Yummy lemonade made from real lemons---if I could have an IV drip of that all day long, I'd last all day at the fair with ZERO complaining. I can't get enough of it.
Then there is the italian sausage.
And fried dough.
And Chiavetta's chicken.

Oh man the fair is going on until this Sunday so maybe I need to convince M to make a trip back up there, if not just for the food!

Of course we looked inside all of the RV's & sheds.
Caught the pig races & dockdog jumps.
Walked through the little craft exhibits.
And all of the animal barns.
Watched a mama cow love on her 5 minute old calf. (that sadly we missed seeing by that 5 minutes...we were watching my sisters milk a pretend cow on the other end of the barn while wondering what all of the commotion was but clearly not caring enough to leave the pretend cow for the real live cow birth happening 20 feet away)
This year I opted out of the rides. Partly because of cost & partly because the hubs isn't big on rides.
My sisters, however, had a blast on the rides & definitely got my parents moneys worth on those ride wristbands. ( I will admit I was a tad jealous of some rides...hey, who knew it..I'm still a kid at heart)

I'll leave you with some pictures from the fun filled day.

Just enjoying the amazing wood crafted rockers. G-always attached to the Mr.'s hip.

Mama cow lovin on her new baby.

G won best cheerleader at the Swifty-Swine Piggy Races-her prize: a pig nose & Oreo's

Just her size water bumper cars.

Mini-horse--funky color, but cute none the less.

Giant work horse that could probably break every bone in my body by simply looking at it.

Lexi & her friend playing with my stretchy-face iphone app.

The step-pops getting nuzzled up by a horse.

Here is the tail-end of a ride the little was on. You could hear her scream a mile away. M & I were actually not at the ride when she got on but it was hilarious when he looked at me & said "I think I hear your Lexi screaming, is that her?" You know it's family when you can determine your little sistas scream without actually seeing her.

To sum the day up-total fun.
I highly recommend checking out your local fair. Be prepred to spend some money though----on the food!


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