Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three for Thursday


Today's Teacher Week topic is your favorite 3!

Your favorite font.
Favorite blog.
Favorite online resource.

Ok, first let me start with I might possibly be a font hoarder. Eeeek! I have so many downloaded on my computer, that Mr. thinks it's enough to legitimately diagnose it as an addiction. Which is fine in my book, except when I am supposed to narrow it down to my absolute favorite.
Well.....I can't do that so you are gonna get my top 3. (yes, I am aware I am not following directions, maybe I should have listed that as one of my improvements in my Meet the Teacher Monday post)

Now onto my favorite blog. This also poses a problem since I have over 200 blogs I follow, meaning I have over 200 blogs to read through each day. Perhaps some would call that a problem too?
Since I can't pick just one, I will simply go with the blog that started it all for me.
When Miss Cara hosted Meet the Teacher...Link Party I decided it was high time for me to stop stalking, and start writing. (This was my post from that linky party, my how far we've come)
The First Grade Parade

So I have to give favorite blog to The First Grade Parade.

Now for some non-teacher favortes! When I want all things food I visit Lovin' From the Oven. It's mainly full of deserts, but who said those aren't normal dinner options!
For all things crafty I usually head to She's Kinda Crafty or eighteen25.
I usually visit Johnny in a Dress when I need some fun inspiration.
Or 2 Kids, a Mini Van, and a Mortgage when I'm in serious need of a reality check, since my walk in life is not nearly as difficult as this precious little familes is.
Our girl, Babbling Abby is always good for some giggles.
Fly with Me & Name Your {Joy} are where I head when I need a little faith booster. (Be on the lookout for a post about a fun & much needed adventure that I'm doing with Kelly & Chelsea)

Ok there are a million more that I would love to share with you, but I don't want to break the rules too horribly, wait who am I kidding. I already have!!! Guess I just got my clip moved down on the behavior chart! Oy, me!

Last up it's my favorite online reasource {s}.

Can you say..... pinterest!
I can't stop pinning! And now I can't stop crafting!


My other fav. was always Carl's Corner. Fantastic place to get pre-made activities! This site saved my life many times during the first few months of my first year teaching!

So there you have it. My {shortened} list of favorites. Hope you can find some inspiration from them. And if you visit any of my favorite blog friends, be sure and comment on their posts! We all love comments, they make everyone smile. Tell them I sent you in their direction too!

Hop on over to Blog Hoppin & add your favorites :)


Mrs. Wyand said...

Love! I always recommend that to people looking for fun fonts. Thanks for the link to 2 kids, a minivan and a mortgage. I have tears in my eyes right now as I read Lucy's story and she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

The First Grade Parade said...

Awwww...thanks girl!!! You are TOO sweet!!! So happy you linked up today :)

Cara :)

Justin said...

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