Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cards Again

Here is a card I made for my hubs for our anniversary which was last month for those of you who are unaware & dying to find out when I said I do!

I actually started this card at a recent Ladies Night Out at my amazing church (if you want to quick click over there & check it out, I won't mind).

Once a month the ladies get together and do something crafty. One month was making blankets, then there was knitting/crocheting, then card making, & bracelet making. This month we are just planning on watching Soul Surfer, which I'm super excited about!

So anyways, back to the topic. My card. I love cards. I am totally & absolutely a card person.
Mr. Edwards-not so much. He hates cards. Thinks they are a waste, which usually translates to me not getting one. But I was taught by my mama to hoard not throw away special cards. So I have a box in my office full of all the cards I have gotten since going to college 6 years ago (all the cards before that are at my parents house, since my mom kept them all)

{You might remember my quick mention of the Father's Day Card I made at Ladies Night Out.}

There is the cover. I am pretty proud of it. A friend at church busted out her Cricut and cut out the letters for me. And now that I have my own Cricut, I'm thinking I can make a whole lot more of these.
Oh Honey--look out for card overload :)
Don't be surprised either M, you married this!

Below is the inside of the card that I finished up at home since I wanted to type up the saying inside it. I found the saying on Pinterest, go figure. Are you surprised? No, ok. Since I didn't have time to make the actual canvas craft, I decided just to use the saying for my card.

Needless to say, M loved it!


Have I motivated you to start making your own cards? At all? Maybe a little? I promise it's fun, pretty easy, & cheap. (Which totally makes it easier to free up money in the hubs strict budget to buy other things...like say a Cricut or a canvas for some Chevron playing?

The possibilities are endless really.


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