Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Today at blog hoppin, it's all about your classroom. Well since I don't currently have a classroom for the upcoming school year, I figured I'd show you what my room looked like last year. Sound like a plan?

Looking into my room:

SMARTboard & Carpet Area:

My {messy} desk-that totally got cleaned up after I was forced to look at this pics.


Guided Reading Table: 

Word Wall:

Morning Check-in Station:

Sink Area:

Reading Center Table:

And now just because I can (and because I love looking at peoples classrooms and getting ideas, so of course all of you are exactly like that too) are some pictures of the classrooms I student taught in. (which by the way, were few of the most amazing teachers I have met)

First Grade Calendar Area:

First Grade Word Wall: (talk about making use of every possible space)

Fourth Grade Word Wall:

Fourth Grade Morning Check-In Station:

Fourth Grade Carpet/Meeting Area: (I love that my supervising teacher still taught her whole group lessons on the carpet, the students loved it)

So there ya have it. Hopefully you found some inspiration in one of these pictures. If not then I guess hop back over to Blog Hoppin & look at a different classroom :) Aren't linky parties great!!!


Lori Faas said...

Liz....sorry that you do not have a class this year. I know that it is the hardest thing to hear when you are in this position (I was there too at one point) but everything happens for a reason. Keep the faith and keep posting! :)

Anonymous said...

I showed my old classroom too :) Love yours!!

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