Monday, August 15, 2011

Homemade Cards

So I have had a busy summer as far as bridal showers & weddings go! Which translates to a whole lot of money being spent on gifts (and decorations/food for the shower I helped plan). M wasn't to thrilled with all the spending so in an effort to keep him happy, I decided to make my own cards for the events. And I gotta tell ya....I had a blast doing it and they turned out a-mazing. (I'm kind of biased though so you can form your own opinion on them)

First step: gather your materials.
I LOVE me some Joann's. Seriously I am there at least twice a week (with much resistance from the hubster)
I found some shimmery card stock and envelopes for $.50! SAY WHAT?!?!
The envelopes were a long, thin shape so I had to get creative with how I designed the cards.

Second step: design your cards.
I measured the envelopes and then set up my document in Microsoft Word into 2 columns using the dimensions.
I scoured my clipart and found this adorbs hanging tag image. It was the perfect image for this type of envelope. So I got busy playing around with the design. I recommend using a whole bunch of text boxes instead of one big one. That way you can place them as close or as far apart as you want. The key to making it look flawless is to click "no fill" & "no outline" on the shape format tab. That way it blends right in with the background and you can overlap the text boxes if you need to.
Use your paper cutter (or scissors) to cut out the cards. Make sure you let the ink sit a bit before cutting so you don't smudge it.

Third step: make the name tag.
I cut up some scrapbook paper scraps I had lying (or is it laying? I minored in English & I still don't know which one is right) around. I chose to hand write the name instead of printing it to give it a more personal feel.

Fourth step: glue down the name tag  using your trusty mod-podge.
Put a thin layer on the paper and then press it onto the envelope.
Now here is where mine went a teeny tiny bit wrong. I put a thin layer of mod-podge over top of the paper and around it like the bottle told me to do. However...I ended up with the glue showing?!!? What did I do wrong famous card makers? Not sure why it didn't dry clear like it said it would but oh well...I ain't perfect so why the heck should my crafts be? :)

Fifth step: let them dry in the sunny-shine.

Sixth step: hole punch the card, tie some ribbon through it, & stuff it into the envelope.
Voila-you're done :)

Cheap & easy, right? (kind of fun too!)

Now below I just wanna show you the actual wedding cards I made just so you can see how I used the same shape since I'll be using the same envelopes, but how I was able to change up the design.

And here you have the result of what happens if you don't follow the second step very well! You end up with your fingerprints on the card from the ink not being entirely dry! Most of you would probably reprint the card. But hey I ain't perfect remember & since we are on a tight budget around these parts, I couldn't justify using more ink to print a new one. SO my bro and his wife will be getting a real handmade card, complete with my fingerprints.

{Disclaimer-their wedding isn't until September, so it's possible that I could maybe end up reprinting it without the hubs knowledge, because let's be honest it will bug me.}


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